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What is the aspiration procedure?

Aspiration abortion is a simple, non-surgical procedure to end an early pregnancy. Aspiration abortions take only a few minutes.  The procedure is approximately 98-99% effective.  It is considered to gentler than a regular surgical abortion ("D&C" or dilation and curettage abortion) because there is no scraping of the uterus.  A hand-held manual suction  is used instead of an electric suction machine.
Aspiration has been safely used to terminate early pregnancies for many years. Our physicians are experienced providers of this procedure.




What to expect


You will meet with one of our women doctors in an examination room.  Throughout the procedure, you may have an adult friend or family member with you for support. 


For both medication and aspiration abortions an ultrasound with a vaginal probe confirms the size of your pregnancy.


Just as is done during a routine gynecological exam, your doctor will insert a vaginal speculum.  She will them numb the cervix with a local anesthetic.  Small plastic dilators are used to gently stretch the opening of your cervix.  A thin tube is then inserted and a plastic instrument is then attached to the end of the tube. 


Gentle suction is applied for 2 to 3 minutes.  At this point you may feel mild to moderate cramping, as your uterus returns to its usual size.  Your doctor will then remove the instruments used for the procedure. Patients rest in the examination room during a recovery period of approximately 5 to 10 minutes, until the cramping has ended.  Following the procedure you should feel physically normal and be able to return to your normal activities.


Usually only one visit the our office is required.  However, your doctor will discuss possible side effects with you and will encourage you to contact our office for follow-up if you have any questions or concerns following the procedure.



Advantages of the aspiration procedure


bulletThe process takes only a few minutes
bulletRecovery is quick
bulletVery high success rate (98-99%)
bulletLess bleeding occurs than with the use of the abortion pill
bulletOur medical staff is present throughout the abortion process



What are my other options?


You may also want to read about the abortion pill or call our office to set up an appointment to discuss your options.  Our Early Abortion Options page also provides a very detailed comparison of the abortion pill and aspiration abortion.




"The staff were great, I felt a lot more comfortable with their help."


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