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How safe is it to have an abortion?


An abortion performed during the first ten weeks of

pregnancy is very safe.  Our physicians are highly skilled

in providing gentle, safe, and simple abortion procedures.  Medical complications including bleeding or infection are rare but possible. Your doctor will discuss the specific risks involved with the procedure you choose during your office visit. The rate of all complications is much lower for either type of early abortion than for later abortion or a continued pregnancy.


Will I feel pain?

Every patient is different and not everyone has the same tolerance level for discomfort. During 

an aspiration most patients describe the discomfort as mild or strong menstrual cramps, lasting

for about 5 minutes. We use numbing medicine injected into the cervix, as well as oral medications to help with these cramps.


Can I bring someone with me?

You are encouraged to bring an adult support person who can stay with you throughout the procedure, but it is not required.


 Will my confidentiality be protected?

Yes. We are a small private medical practice and your confidentiality is protected. If you are using insurance we cannot guarantee that the insurance company will not send a statement about your visit to your home.


Do I have to tell my parents?

No.  The decision to continue or end your pregnancy is up to you.  New York State law allows minors to consent to treatment for contraception, abortion, pregnancy testing, and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.  We do encourage teenagers to involve parents or another adult in their families, and will try to help you do so if you wish us to.



Will I be able to get pregnant later?


Neither a medical abortion using the abortion pill nor an aspiration changes your ability to get pregnant when you are ready.


Do insurance companies pay for abortions?

Many insurance companies will cover an abortion procedure. Every policy is different.

To  determine whether or not your policy covers abortion, please call your insurance

company and  ask them if they pay for an outpatient, elective abortion.


How many times will I have to visit your office?

Patients typically visit our office twice when using the abortion pill.  In most cases the aspiration procedure requires only one office visit.


Will I have to wait long for an appointment?

We see most patients within days of their initial call.  We have daytime, evening and weekend hours. 


It is best if you make your appointment when your period is at least one week late.  Occasionally, if you come sooner than 5 weeks from your last period, you will need to get an extra blood test  and return for an extra follow-up visit.



If you need further information please telephone us at (718) 534-7870.

Our staff will be happy to help you.



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